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Cobalt Neodecanoate

basic information
Product description

  Product introduction

  The company produces and markets cobalt salt adhesion promoter products,equivalent adopting international advanced standards.Existing two series,a series of used in steel wire radial tire,another series used in steel wire spiral hose,wire rope conveyor belt and other rubber products.

  Each series include four products:Cobalt Neodecanoate,Cobalt Boroacylate,Cobalt Naphthenate and Cobalt Stearate.

  Adopting wet process technics with China patent,the products are environmental friendly.Testified by authorized department,the products have the features of low degree of oxidation,high retention rate of steel adhesion after aging.

  Adhering to the concept of high performance,low cost and environmental protection,our company has developed a series of cobalt salt products over the years:

  *High performance cobalt salt adhesion promoter,added with substance obtained from rare earth elements by molecular screening method,which has good synergistic effect with cobalt.It can greatly save cobalt resources and improve the aging-resistance capability of rubber products,making the product eco-friendlier.

  *Modified cobalt salt adhesion promoter,which improves the product performance while reducing the cost.

  *Cobalt salt adhesion promoter for the direct adhesion of rubber and bare steel,which can greatly reduce the cost of rubber products while bringing economic,social and environmental benefits.

  The above mentioned products are in the stage of trial production and application test.Part of the products is in the stage of user promotion.After promotion and application,the market competing ability is improved and good economic,social and environment effects are obtained.

  Product Instructions

  Cobalt salt adhesion promoters are hot vulcanization adhesives.The products are widely used in radial tire,wire braided hose,wire spiral hose,steel cord rubber conveyor belt,rubber damper and rubber-metal composites improving adhesion strength between rubber and metal.

  For one stage mixing process,cobalt salts can be mixed with other vulcanizing agent and antioxidant etc.For two stage or three stage mixing process,they should be added in the second stage.The mixing temperature is between 120~150℃ to ensure that cobalt salts are fully dispersed in rubber.

  HMWC adhesive system is recommended.The adhesive system can more effectively play the adhesion role of this product.This product has great bonding effects with natural rubber or natural rubber /synthetic rubber blends.

  The adhesive action of this product happens in vulcanization stage,the vulcanizing temperature of compound may be controlled between 140~160℃.The dosages ofcobalt salt per 100 parts of rubber is recommended as follows(dosage is subject to different rubber products):

  ①Cobalt Neodecanoate:0.6-2.0 ②Cobalt Boroacylate:0.5-1.8

  ③Cobalt Naphthenate:1.2-2.5  ④Cobalt Stearate:1.5-2.5

Steel wire conveyor belt

Steel wire winding hose


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